Helping You Build Inner Resilience.

” A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of sucess and the constant reslesness  that come with it.”

– Albert Einstein 

Counselling Topics



It encompasses all of that, as well as a person’s personal well-being and that of other people. It incorporates beliefs, values, associations, arts, culture, worship, meditation and purpose. Therapists use Spiritual Counselling to help clients to connect with their own spiritual beliefs and communities. They will also point out issues where spiritual beliefs, relationships or practices might be contradicting values, beliefs or goals



An uneasiness experienced while taking a decision is called anxiety and can be cured through counselling. Anxiety is directly related to uncertainty about the future. Proper counselling can be of great help while handling such siuations.


Panic Attacks

If anxiety or overthinking is not addressed properly at the right time, it starts affecting the body, and the symptoms on the body are known as panic attacks.


Couple Therapy

We will begin by introducing our methods and making you feel comfortable in sharing your heart out with us.



Career Counselling helps in the proper choice of career and minimizes the mismatch between aptitude and employment.



Child Counselling is an effective way to support children or adolescents who may be struggling at school or with friends or other relationships.


Fear & Trauma

Fear needs to be cured if it is taking away your motivation.



We survive on hope of the future when it is lost it is called depression, can be cured through counselling and mind healing.

About Me

I’m Poonam R K Mishra.
I Help People Lead A Happy Life.

I am a counsellor with a total experience of more than 7 years and possess advanced skills in soul healing.  I work for people in distress and who are facing different kinds of issues in life. I am a good listener, who would keenly listen to you without being judgemental and work with you for a solution best suited to your needs in life. I have counselled lots of people ranging from students to the elderly, single to married/divorced, with lots of issues such as relationship issues, breakup challenges, anxiety in teenagers, family constellation issues, past issues of life that leave a deep scar on one’s happiness in life.

Life is your biggest lesson and sends you people as subjects to deal with. There may not be a solution to every problem but there is always a better alternative.


What Clients Are Saying

“ I feel lucky to be associated with Poonam for the last 3 years and it has completely changed my life. Now I am more confident and a happy person with a meaningful life.”

Ritu Sharma,39 yrs

“I went into deep depression after my divorce. Thanks to Cure My Soul for taking care of my life so well. I don't regret my decision anymore ”

Rani Duggal,27 yrs

"My teenage daughter had anxiety issues for her future and career. Poonam dedicatedly worked on it and it was a great help to my daughter"

Kanika Sharma, 43 yrs

"If your life goes meaningless just contact cure my soul. You will get the meaning and happiness back. That's all I can say. Thank you poonam"

Mili Kaur, 19 yrs

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